At Tandem Design Co, we harness the power of color to connect and inspire. Our sticky notes are designed for connection, empowering low vision, visually impaired and sighted to share in colorful moments! 

We're dedicated to making color accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of sight abilities. Through our innovative products, we foster a vibrant world where every interaction with color sparks new possibilities and creates meaningful connections.

Join us in creating a more inclusive, colorful future!

Tandem Design Co sticky notes back packaging detail with brand description

Founder's Story

Hello, my name is Frank! I am on a mission to make color more accessible and design colorful experiences for everyone—whether they can perceive color or not.

5 Core Values

Bring people together by fostering shared experiences with color.

We've redesigned the sticky note to unite people and cultivate a sense of belonging and shared understanding.

Everyone can share in the meaning and experience color in their own way.

Our products are for everyone, reshaping perceptions to make color more accessible for everyone.

Braille + color. Our sticky notes transform a ubiquitous product into a tool for organization, creativity and color.