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Why inclusive design and stationary matter

Design meets stationary

We redesigned the sticky note to make it more accessible. We want to everyone, regardless of their visual abilities, to feel like the product is made for them.

Who We Serve

The visually impaired community encompasses a wide range of people with varying degrees of vision loss, from complete blindness to low vision. The World Health Organization estimates millions live with significant visual impairment, with the majority residing in the developing world and over 50 years old.

Tandem Design Co engages in continuous conversation with visually impaired and low vision communities. We commit to asking questions, gaining insight, and learning. We initiate conversations, actively listen to their experiences, and ask respectful questions.

The diversity of what it means to be “visually impaired” demands an incredibly thoughtful approach to inclusivity and accessibility — sometimes on a personal level. This means each product we craft must be a reflection of the diverse stories and experiences we learn from members of the visually impaired community.

The only way to truly embody and fulfill the needs of this community is to engage with its members on a 1:1 level. We are drawn to spaces where we can learn from and align with the community, in pursuit of a more accessible world where our differences are not only considered, but celebrated.

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